About - cLabel+

Research and technological development

“cLabel+ Innovative natural, nutritious and consumer-oriented clean label food” is a research and technological development project centered on responding to the challenges facing the food industry, focusing on the concept of “clean label”, which emerges as one of the major current trends in the sector, given the growing number of consumers who are increasingly aware and eager for information, who are looking for alternative, more transparent and natural food products.

Thus, the cLabel+ project aims to develop processes and products that are understood by the consumer as consistent with products with natural ingredients, with limited use of additives, and that provide, due to their physical, chemical, and nutritional properties, the expected experience, maintaining food security.

The cLabel+ project is promoted by a consortium led by Sumol + Compal Marcas SA and comprised of 20 entities: 8 companies with diverse and complementary areas of activity and 12 non-business entities from the R&I System with a strong experience in development of projects in the scientific areas of the project.

Taking advantage of the mobilization of existing skills in the consortium, cLabel+ will promote the development of new processes, products, and services that guarantee greater differentiation and responsiveness in an increasingly competitive market.



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