Work Packages - cLabel+

WP1 | Nutritional enhancement of products through macronutrients and processing conditions

Research the macronutrients present in food matrices and achieve a clean label positioning for the final products developed.

WP2 | Innovative and clean label solutions for reducing sugar and modelling the sweetening power in food

Research and develop food solutions with reduction/removal of sugar content, without changing the satisfaction of tasting food.

WP3 | Stabilization and clean label preservation of sauces, meat products, and confectionery

Research and develop clean label solutions that are alternatives to the use of preservatives and other additives in sauces, meat products, and confectionery products.

WP4 | New methodologies for the integration and optimization of the consumer response

Research and develop new methodologies and processes to improve the evaluation of the consumer response to the different stimuli resulting from the application of the clean label concept. Validate the development processes implemented in WP1, WP2 and WP3, through the evaluation of the consumer response to the products developed and to the clean label concept, from a sensory, attitudinal, emotional and physiological point of view.

VP5 | Project management, dissemination, and valorisation of results

Project management, dissemination and valorisation of results, by PortugalFoods.